CR/CD Most Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the CR/CD Smalls Grants Scheme.

Q1 Can I apply for salaries and running costs through the CR/CD grant scheme?

No. The CR/CD grant scheme provides support towards project activity costs only such as external facilitation, travel, residential costs, venue hire, catering/refreshments, equipment hire, materials and speaker’s fees, etc.

Q2 Can I apply for costs to pay my staff and/or members of my organisation for services in relation to the project?

No. The applicant organisation cannot apply for funds to pay themselves or staff/members from their organisation. All services must be outsourced with quotes uploaded to the application form to show value for money.

Q3 Can I apply for project activity delivered in schools?

No. Projects must be delivered outside of the school setting and school hours and must not be part of the curriculum.

Q4 Can I apply for costs relating to religious services?

No. Religious services, prayer and hymns are not supported under the CR/CD grant scheme. The scheme can consider faith-based projects where members of differing faiths gather to explore good relations themes.

Q5 Why was my application not successful when my project was bringing people from different backgrounds together for fun activities?

The CR/CD grant scheme is aimed at projects which are seeking to challenge sectarianism and/or racism. This must be done intentionally with facilitated workshops and/or discussions included in your programme to directly address the issues of division, challenge stereotypes and build relationships between people from different traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. Organisations can bring people together to take part in fun activities but there must be strong learning elements addressing good relations themes at the heart of all projects. Projects with the strongest learning elements will be prioritised for CR/CD funding support.

Q6 My project is a strong cross community and multi-cultural good relations programme of work. Why did I get a contribution instead of the full amount I requested?

The budget in the CR/CD grant scheme is limited and awards are spread across all areas of NI. Therefore, you may have a strong project, but it is not always possible that applicants will receive the amount requested due to budget limitations especially if you apply in the last few months of the scheme. Try to apply early in the financial year when the budget is at its maximum level. Applicants should explore match-funding support from other funders and contact their local Council Good Relations Department for support and advice. If possible, be prepared to use some of your own resources towards costs. Applicants should also ensure that their project is flexible in-case it needs to be altered if there is a shortfall in the amount awarded. You may need to reduce participant numbers, reduce activities, charge participants a small fee, split the project in half delivering one half in the current financial year and applying for the next half in the following financial year to ensure the project can still go ahead with a contribution from the Community Relations Council.

Q7 My project doesn’t finish until after the end of the financial year. Can I still apply?

The CR/CD grant scheme is a rolling programme. It opens for applications at the start of every financial year in April and closes in November/December (dependent on available funds) for project delivery between April – March. All project activity must be delivered and CR/CD awarded monies spent by the end of the same financial year that your award was made. You cannot carry over any project activity or costs awarded into a different financial year. You can split your project activity into two stages if part of your project carries over into the next financial year, but you will have to make a new application for the second part of project delivery when the scheme re-opens.

Q8 I only require one budget item, £1,000 for marquee hire for my project. Can I make an application?

Costs requested through the CR/CD grant scheme must be proportionate to the good relations learning elements. If there are no learning elements within your programme it will not be considered a priority against other applications that have requested support for strong learning budget items such as good relations workshop facilitation and speaker costs. There must be an intentional good relations learning element in all projects to justify supporting costs to enable the delivery of the project ie, equipment hire, venue hire, etc.

Q9 How long before we hear of the decision?

We ask that you allow up to 12 weeks from receipt of your completed application to a decision taking place. Please apply with plenty of time so you are not working at risk or need to change the dates of your project delivery. CRC Project Officers may contact you for additional supporting information if they require clarification or you have not provided adequate details.

Q10 Can an organisation hold more than one grant?

Yes, we will accept more than one application for funding from an organisation when there is not any duplication of activities already being delivered and we are not being asked to fund the same costs twice. Or if the organisation is acting as the lead in an application on behalf of a partnership. However, if you receive more than one award during the same financial year then further applications will not be prioritised due to the limitations of funding available at that time. Also, if you have an open grant and the deadline date for submitting your claim has expired then we cannot consider a new award until the open grant has been closed.

Q11 My application was unsuccessful, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again. We advise that you talk with a Project Officer to identify how you can develop your application and better meet the objectives of the grant scheme. The Project Officer may signpost you to alternative funds/funders if it is felt that your project does not align with the CRCD grant scheme.

Q12 Our project involves cross boarder participation. Can this be funded through the CRCD grant scheme?

CRC are only able to consider costs relating to Northern Ireland residents/project participant. Project costs incurred by residents/participant of the Republic of Ireland would need to be sourced through other means.