Our Staff

In this section, you will find the Community Relations Council's staff listed by programme below.

Community Relations Council

Jacqueline Irwin – Chief Executive Officer: jirwin@nicrc.org.uk
Hannah George – PA to CEO: hgeorge@nicrc.org.uk

Community Engagement

Peter Day – Director: pday@nicrc.org.uk
Paul Killen – Policy Officer: pkillen@nicrc.org.uk
Gemma Attwood – Policy Development Officer: gattwood@nicrc.org.uk
Michael McGlade – Communications Officer: mmcglade@nicrc.org.uk
Administrative Officer – position vacant

Finance, Administration And Personnel

Gerard McKeown – Director: gmckeown@nicrc.org.uk
Jo Adamson – Human Resources Manager and IT Support: jadamson@nicrc.org.uk
Tracey Wilson – Finance Officer: twilson@nicrc.org.uk
Ellana Tomasso – Administrative Officer and IT Support: etomasso@nicrc.org.uk
Ian Thompson – Administrative Officer – Finance: ithompson@nicrc.org.uk

Funding And Development

Paul Jordan – Director: pjordan@nicrc.org.uk
Damien McNally – Evaluation Officer: dmcnally@nicrc.org.uk
Frances Dennison – Core Funding Officer: fdennison@nicrc.org.uk
Judith Hamilton – Project Officer CR/CD: jhamilton@nicrc.org.uk