Decade of Centenaries

We run a number of projects in areas of importance to good community relations, such as the Decade of Centenaries, partnered with by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

About the Decade of Centenaries

The Decade of Centenaries refers to the period of the Home Rule Crisis and the Ulster Covenant Campaign in 1912 through to Partition and the establishment of two parliaments in Ireland in 1921/22. 

The Community Relations Council (CRC) and The National Lottery Heritage Fund organised the first 'Remembering the Future' conference that took place on 21 March 2011. This began a continuing conversation about the issue of remembering in public space. 

To support this CRC and The National Lottery Heritage Fund developed and promoted a widely endorsed set of principles. A series of conferences and resources fairs were organised with partners. Publications and videos developed include Remembering the Future 11 Session Lecture Series, a Toolkit of case studies, videos and publications on the three conferences. We produced these in order to promote balanced understanding of difficult history, using the historical facts and drawing on different narratives. 

More great resources are available further down this page, as well as on Creative Centenaries.

Resource Fair – Marking the 2021 NI Centenary

CRC held a Resource Fair over three days on 24—26 February 2021. We showcased existing available resources to support organisations to mark the forthcoming 2021 NI Centenary, as well as providing opportunities to discuss the use of those resources and their application in a way that reinforces the Principles for Remembering.

We’ve also created a resource document to help organisations:


We’ve also collected a series of videos from the resource fair here, with coverage throughout the 3-day event: 

Watch the video playlist on the CRC YouTube channel

Useful Resources

Here you will find a list of useful resources about the Decade of Centenaries available for download:

Decade of Centenaries Lecture Series

What the full Decade of Centenaries lecture series

Conflict, Polarisation and Partition Conference

Whach the full Conflict, Polarisation and Partition Conference series


Here is a list of useful website resources: