Good Relations Award

The Good Relations Awards 2024 winners have been announced.

Since 2006, the Good Relations Award has highlighted exceptional achievement in promoting community relations, intercultural work and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

Previous Award winners have come from all parts of the region and worked in a wide variety of settings including women and peacebuilding, faith-based work, youth work, community development, cross community work at interfaces, and ethical remembering/commemorative work in a history of conflict.

Good Relations Awards 2024

The Good Relations Awards 2024 winners have now been announced. There were five award categories in our Awards programme, which is delivered in partnership with The Executive Office. 

Betty Carlisle MBE from the Shankill Women's Centre was awarded CRC's exceptional achievement award.


Working within the community sector for over 37 years, Betty has established professional relationships with political figures, government, and other community organisations, including chairing the Greater Shankill Partnership and being a member of the Women’s Support Network and of the Clonard-Mid Shankill Initiative Partnership.  

Betty has been the CEO of Shankill Women’s Centre for the past 23 years, and her passion and drive for community work have resulted in its continued development and growing success..

Read the Good Relations Awards 2024 press release.

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Previous Winners

Here’s the complete list of all previous winners of the Community Relations Council Exceptional Achievement Award (peacebuilding):

  • 2024 - Betty Carlisle MBE
  • 2023 – Angila Chada
  • 2022 – Dr. Eamon Pheonix
  • 2021 – Baroness May Blood
  • 2020 – Paddy White
  • 2019 – Marion Jamison and Charmain Jones (joint winners)
  • 2018 – Eileen Weir
  • 2017 – Fr. Gary Donegan
  • 2016 – Fr. Martin Magill and Rev. Stephen Stockman (joint winners)
  • 2015 – Maureen Hetherington
  • 2014 – Chris O’Halloran
  • 2013 – Jackie Patton with Michael Doherty (joint winners)
  • 2012 – Paul McCrory
  • 2011 – Rab McCallum and Michael Acheson (joint winners)
  • 2010 – Dr David Stevens and Mary Kelly (joint winners)
  • 2009 – Renee Crawford and Jean Brown (joint winners)
  • 2008 – Anne Carr
  • 2007 – Derick Wilson
  • 2006 – Eamonn Deane.