Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report

Year published: 2019

The NI Peace Monitoring report was started as a process of annual monitoring measuring the distance travelled, either closer to, or further away from the shared goal of a peaceful and inclusive society.

The Report measures Security, Equality, Political Progress and Cohesion & Sharing. 

Report #5 monitored 2 year period 2017/18.

A previous hard and digital copy of the report contained a typo on a chart on page 30. This correction has been made, and the revised version is available here: Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report #5 (PDF 5.5MB)

Ann Marie Gray, Jennifer Hamilton, Gráinne Kelly, Brendan Lynn, Martin Melaugh and Gillian Robinson, CRC, 2018 supported by JRF and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Report #4 monitored a 2 year period 2015/16.