Shared Space

Year published: 2017

Shared Space 18
Introduction (PDF 284 KB)
Brief Reflections on Measuring Peace (PDF 148 KB)

Broadening the Discussion Reflections and Reactions (PDF 203 KB)
Everyday Peace Indicators: Capturing local voices through surveys (PDF 227 KB)
Indicators for Education for Peacebuilding in Fragile States: UNICEF's Peace Education and Advocacy Program (PDF 313 KB)
Monitoring Change in Diverse Societies, Some Reflections (PDF 215 KB)

Getting a measure of the truth: Some thoughts on post conflict peace monitoring (PDF 231 KB)
Monitoring is easy, positive change however is another matter (PDF 262 KB)
Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey: Monitoring change in diverse societies (PDF 240 KB)
The Community Foundations for Northern Ireland's Approach to Measuring Change across its Development Programmes (PDF 267 KB)
The Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report (PDF 205 KB)
What can national level indices tell us about shared societies: A look at the Global Peace Index (PDF 317 KB)

Shared Space 17
Introduction (PDF 71 KB)
Climage change or plus ca change (PDF 1.1 MB)
It's only a hate crime if you are a black catholic (PDF 120 KB)
New media and young people in interface areas of Belfast (PDF 133 KB)

Shared and safe (PDF 117 KB)
The innocent victims of the Troubles (PDF 129 KB)

Shared Space 16
Introduction (PDF 90 KB)
Moving apart or moving together a snapshot of residential segregation (PDF 286 KB)
Northern Ireland: The measurement of sharing and separation in a post conflict society (PDF 185 KB)
Taking anecdotal seriously (PDF 175 KB)
The experience of recent migrants to Northern Ireland (PDF 175 KB)
The long, long war of dissident republicans (PDF 290 KB)

Shared Space 15
Introduction (PDF 69 KB)
Protecting rights or limiting disorder (PDF 76 KB)
Sectarian harassment (PDF 84 KB)
The right to integrated education in Northern Ireland (PDF 274 KB)
What about listening to us? (PDF 80 KB)
Whatever happened to integrated education (PDF 87 KB)

Shared Space 14
After Agreement the challenges of implementing peace (PDF 114 KB)
Divided we stand: mapping of shared and separate space (PDF 2.4 MB)
Hope and history, looking backwards and forwards (PDF 90 KB)
Northern Ireland's approach to social cohesion (PDF 120 KB)
The dynamics of religious difference in contemporary Northern Ireland (PDF 96 KB)

Shared Space 13
Building bridges - supporting peace building through funding reconciliation (PDF 395 KB)
Perspectives and possibilities - mental health in post agreement NI (PDF 129 KB)
The Forum for cities in transition (PDF 111 KB)
The NI Peace process sharing experiences of transition (PDF 103 KB)
The role of women in transition societies (PDF 107 KB)

Shared Space 12
A shared future or civic future (PDF 141 KB)
Belfast and Beyond local and international narratives (PDF 138 KB)
Evaluation research in sport (PDF 130 KB)
Historical legacies and NI peace process (PDF 99 KB)
Is shared space really shared? (PDF 106 KB)
Shared space (PDF 73 KB)

Prioritising change five year reconciliation imperatives for NI (PDF 125 KB)

Shared Space 11
Developing Good Practice in Promoting Shared Space at Interfaces (PDF 104 KB)
Improving Engagement - Building trust in policing with Young People (PDF 113 KB)
Polarisation takes place (PDF 1.9 MB)
Rethinking Transport and Connectivity for a Shared City (PDF 307 KB)
The Troubles aren't history yet - Young peoples understanding of the past (PDF 108 KB)

Shared Space 10
Caught up in the past - the views of 16 year olds on community relations (PDF 261 KB)
Differentiation, difference and denial (PDF 71 KB)
Re-framing conflict and resolution as migration and schoolchildren (PDF 320 KB)
Sharing education through schools working together (PDF 72 KB)
Stuck between ceasefires and peacebuilding (PDF 106 KB)

Shared Space 9
Insiders and outsiders - young people, place and identity (PDF 500 KB)
Organisational change under environmental disorder (PDF 500 KB)
Surveying religion's public role - perspectives on reconciliation (PDF 504 KB)
The leaders we deserve (PDF 500 KB)
The search for equality - race, religion and public policy in NI (PDF 504 KB)

Shared Space 8
Dialogue and disengagement - responding to disputes over parades (PDF 102 KB)
From desecration to reconciliation - considering attacks on the sacred during the Troubles, and proposing a framwor (PDF 126 KB)
Moments in a life on the margin (PDF 142 KB)
Pandora's box - engaging with our pasts (PDF 137 KB)
Reconciliation - does education have a role? (PDF 88 KB)

Shared Space 7
Adapting to difference - organisational socialisation in the NI workplace (PDF 143 KB)
Designing an all inclusive democracy (PDF 78 KB)
Fields, flags and secret sharing (PDF 170 KB)
From divided to the diverse society - reflections on sectarianism and social diversity (PDF 117 KB)
Magic mix for change - some reflections on keeping good relations alert to a changing environment (PDF 101 KB)
Policing Loyalist and Republican Communities (PDF 101 KB)

Shared Space 6
Grassroots unionism and conflict transformation in NI (PDF 140 KB)
Is there a Protestant brain drain from NI (PDF 181 KB)
Questions and answers - comparing attitudes of elected representatives and political party supporters (PDF 132 KB)
Security and segregation - interface barriers in Belfast (PDF 110 KB)
Segregation and sectarianism impact on everyday life (PDF 122 KB)

Women and relationships - experiences from the victims' women's sector (PDF 133 KB)

Shared Space 5
Filipino Nurses in Altnagelvin Area Hospital (PDF 101 KB)
New communities in NI, the Christian response (PDF 74 KB)
Some have come from a land beyond the wave - return migration to Ireland (PDF 123 KB)
Towards linguistic diversity - community languages in NI (PDF 114 KB)

Shared Space 4
A Shared Future and Racial Equality Strategy - good relations indicators baseline report (PDF 92 KB)
Eleventh Night bonfires - managing and exploring issues around cultural diversity and good relations (PDF 95 KB)
Flagging identities - assessing the display and regulation of political symbols across NI (PDF 150 KB)
Voluntary Action and Community Relations in NI (PDF 138 KB)
Who cares? The experience of ethnic minority healthcare staff in NI (PDF 107 KB)

Shared Space 3
From major to minor - the therapeutic role of music in NI (PDF 207 KB)
Identity and violence (PDF 208 KB)
Peacebuilding and policing (PDF 203 KB)
Population change and social inclusion study Derry~Londonderry (PDF 203 KB)
What works for reconciliation (PDF 208 KB)

Teaching multiculturalism in three schools in Derry City Council area (PDF 203 KB)

Shared Space 2
Are NI's two communities dividing? (PDF 77 KB)
Diversity, Economy and Policy (PDF 37 KB)
Interface violence in east Belfast in 2002 (PDF 25 KB)
Minority ethnic women (PDF 39 KB)
Sustainability in a divided society (PDF 42 KB)

Shared Space 1
Belfast strategies for a shared city (PDF 36 KB)
Changing places, moving boundaries (PDF 28 KB)
Community based conflict - Approaches to post conflict truth telling (PDF 46 KB)
Race, indenity, disability and sexual orientation in NI (PDF 43 KB)
What now? Exploring community relations (PDF 113 KB)