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In this section you'll find the latest e-Bulletins from the Community Relations Council (NICRC). To keep up-to-date with the lastest news and funding opportunities, sign up for the CRC newsletter


Each month we release our e-Bulletin which contains news about CRC funded groups, as well as events and activities happening around Northern Ireland for peacebuilding and good community relations.


Here are the e-Bulletin issues for 2023:


Here are the e-Bulletin issues for 2022:


Here are the e-Bulletin issues for 2021:

 Read the e-Bulletin issues for all other years. 


Each quarter we used to release our e-News, which contained in-depth articles about the groups and activities CRC funds. The quarterly e-news issues ceased publication in April 2020, and we have since transitioned fully to a monthly e-Bulletin publication schedule.

Legacy Publications

Our newsletter underwent a redesign in July 2018. Prior to this, the current run of publications culminated with Issue 92.

Read the CRC legacy e-Bulletin issues.