Good Relations Week

Each year, the Community Relations Council (CRC) organises a week-long series of events throughout Northern Ireland called Good Relations Week. Events are hosted and organised in every council area, and the latest Good Relations Week exceeded 200 free events throughout the region.


GR Week 2024

Carl Frampton launched GR Week 2024 | NICRC

Good Relations Week (#GRW2024) takes place 16 to 22 September 2024 and will embrace ‘OpportUNITY’ – a call to action to create a brighter, inclusive future for all.

‘OpportUNITY’ is a collective moment for us all to UNITE and be architects of change in helping build a region where every voice matters.

By showcasing the dynamism, creativity and dedication of local groups, organisations and individuals we can spotlight the transformative power of working together to address challenges such as sectarianism, racism, inequality, health and well-being, poverty and education.

Get involved in Good Relations Week 2024 and help create a future where inclusivity and diversity are not just celebrated but lived.

The programme included online workshops, Zoom lectures, online panel discussions, podcasts, digital storytelling and virtual exhibitions.

Listen to what Good Relations Week 2023 Ambassador Tim McGarry had to say about the event:


GR Week Website

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