Journey of a young participant on TEO’s Planned Interventions Programme 2021/22 

12 November 2021

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The Planned Interventions Programme is delivered annually and contributes to the outcomes of the Executive's wider Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) Strategy. The aim of the Programme is to provide alternative activities for young people at risk of engaging in negative behaviours during periods of heightened tension. The Programme is funded by TEO in partnership with the Department of Education and delivered by The Education Authority. It is managed within TEO by Good Relations, FICT and T:BUC Camps Branch.  

A young person’s journey 

The quotes below provide an insight into the journey taken from one young person who participated on the Planned Interventions Programme. It provides their thoughts before, during and after their involvement: 

Before the programme 

“Before getting involved in the Programme I would have spent weekends hanging around with friends. We would have been involved in underage drinking, taking drugs, fighting (also arranged fights between groups/communities) and general anti-social behaviour.  

"As a result of the above I was constantly in trouble with the PSNI – they were never away from my house. I have lost count of how many times I was in trouble with the PSNI as I was always getting booked or charged.  

"I met the Youth Leader in Charge when he was carrying out detached outreach work in my local community and after listening to my experiences he persuaded me to come to the youth club and take part in a Planned Interventions project that he was going to deliver. I knew some others that were going and I thought I would give it a go.” 

During the Programme 

“Initially I was anxious as I wasn’t sure how I would fit in and how my so-called reputation would affect my time there. It took a while to settle and feel comfortable with the people around me. Over time I started to really enjoy the programme and looked forward to attending and I was beginning to open up more and more at each session. 

"I really enjoyed the fun activities as this was something I would never normally do. Previously most of my money had been spend on drink, drugs and cigarettes and so I would never have had any money left to treat myself or do nice things.” 

After the programme – what difference did it make? 

“As well as going on all the fun trips, the programme taught me the basics of adulthood and how to look after myself. It made me aware of the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse. I learnt that ‘it is ok not to be ok’ and the importance of talking to people I trust about any issues I have and not to bottle things up.  

"The programme has changed my whole outlook on life. It mainly showed me that drink and drugs doesn’t help or fix your problems and instead only makes them worse and creates bigger ones. I also learned that opportunities come from having an open mind. 

"Nowadays I am involved in as much as possible at the local youth club and am always looking for more positive opportunities. 

"I would like to encourage other young people in similar circumstances to mine to be open minded and not to be afraid to of youth provision – it may be the best decision you will ever make.” 

Project Managers perspective 

The Youth Worker in Charge of delivering the Planned Interventions project attended by the above young person commented: 

“This Case Study highlights the importance and the impact carrying out Youth Intervention Programmes can have on Young People. As a Youth Leader it’s brilliant to see such change in a young person whose confidence has increased and they have now become an invaluable member/asset to the Youth Club/community. This is one of the many fantastic reasons why we do Youth Work!” 

Further information 

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