Ireland and the negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union

Year published: 2017

The Government’s Approach
May 2017

Brexit poses unprecedented political, economic and diplomatic challenges for Ireland.
That is why, for the past year and a half, the Irish Government has handled the issue of Brexit in a manner that is
pro-active, concerted and strategic. The Government has ensured a coherent whole-of-government response to
identifying, prioritising and articulating our key concerns.
This work – one of the largest undertakings of the Irish Government over the last fifty years – has ensured that
our priority concerns are now clearly understood throughout the EU. The proof of this work has been seen early
in the Brexit process, with clear references to our specific Irish issues in the UK’s Article 50 letter, in the European
Parliament Resolution on the Brexit negotiations and most recently, in the EU Negotiation Guidelines agreed by the
European Council on 29 April.

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