Community Relations Award Nominations 2017 - 2018

02 January 2018

The Community Relations Council invites nominations for the 2017 - 2018 Community Relations Award for exceptional contribution in building a shared and reconciled society.  The prestigious award which has been given annually since 2006 will take the form of a hand-crafted sculpture designed from bronze and limestone by the artist Kate Oram.  The award is intended to help recognise and highlight some of the excellent groundbreaking and courageous peacebuilding work developed and delivered in Northern Ireland and the border areas.  This work includes promoting trust and interdependence, challenging sectarianism, racism and violence, supporting inter-cultural relations within our increasingly diverse society, and promoting conflict transformation.

Nominations are invited.  These should give some background information on the nominee and outline their contribution by reference to the following criteria:

  • Evidence of the exceptional, sustained and long-term commitment of the nominee/s to community relations work.
  • Evidence of the commitment of the nominee/s to community relations/intercultural work beyond single community across Northern Ireland and/or across the Border.
  • Influence on thinking on peace-building and community relations issues.
  • Embodiment of Community Relations Council values - fairness and justice (Equity), the peaceful celebration of variety and difference (Diversity) and the importance of sharing, trust and inclusion (Interdependence).

Please note that the Award is given to an individual, or exceptionally two individuals acting in partnership, rather than to a group.  Also, the nominee must be still living in order to receive the trophy in person.  Previous winners have been Eamonn  Deane, Derrick Wilson, Anne Carr, Renee Crawford and Jean Brown, Dr David Stevens, Mary Kelly, Rab McCallum and Michael Acheson, Chris O’Halloran, Maureen Hetherington, Paul McCrory and Fr Gary Donegan.

Nominations can be made by completing a nomination form and returning to CRC by 12 noon on 31 January 2018. No self nominations are permitted and staff and Members of the Community Relations Council, and their family members, are ineligible although they may submit the nomination of others.






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