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09 December 2020

Virtual Reality game show | NICRC

The Community Relations Council, in association with Queen’s University Belfast, participated in an innovative virtual reality project.

Organised by Dr Salvador Alvidrez, who helped research the project with CRC, it allowed CRC staff to participate in a gameshow entitled Would I Lie to All of You.

The event provided a great example of how VR can bring communities together in Northern Ireland.

It was based on the format of the popular BBC show “Would I lie to you?”

Two groups comprised of “Catholics” and “Protestants” played the game … but in virtual reality! One team member read a story while members of the opposite team quizzed them to decide whether the story was true or a lie.

The event was live streamed 19 November 2020 as part of “Being Human – Festival of the Humanities.”

Watch the VR event here: https://mediasite.qub.ac.uk/Mediasite/Play/7e82b553ee1b4f5f9d6895fb0386a4a31d

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