Troubles Art Touring Exhibition

06 August 2019

The Ulster Museum has the largest collection of artworks that relate to the Troubles. Throughout the 30-year period, and up until today, artists from Northern Ireland and beyond have responded to the conflict through their artistic practice:
The Security Barrier (1983) painting by Rita Duffy | CRC NI
Caption: The Security Barrier (1983). Rita Duffy. BELUM.U2012.3.396. © By courtesy of the artist.

The physicality of violence, suffering and loss, dereliction and abandonment, the meaning and power of flags and symbols.

The imagery used by artists often makes an obvious and direct connection to these themes. It can also be more subtle in conveying a deep sense of emotion and trauma.

However, with the dominant narrative of violence becoming more distant, artists seem more occupied with the ensuing social, economic, cultural and political changes and challenges. As Northern Ireland faces these issues, art will continue to offer unique avenues for exploring and reflecting upon the manifestations and impact of violence and division in our society.

The Troubles Art touring exhibition explores explore the legacy of the past with activities designed to empower people to create a vision for future change.

The exhibition is presented as part of the "Making the Future" project, supported by the European Union’s Peace IV programme, managed by SEUPB. A National Museums NI Touring Exhibition.

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