In This Together Project – RCN | Week 2 Update

01 June 2020

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The Rural Community Network (RCN) is delivering a special digital project during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In This Together Project – Rural Communities, Rural Connections” showcases how relationships have developed during the current pandemic, as well as exploring areas and communities where relations have potentially developed for the better.

This week we explore the extraordinary efforts of Richmount Rural Community Association.


Richmount Rural Community Association

This is a rural group of older people who had to stop all activity due to Covid-19, but have now adapted and truly put the wheels into motion. They have used equipment from past projects to make scrubs for social care settings and hospitals, as well delivering food parcels to the elderly and vulnerable.


Charmian Jones, who developed the project for RCN, had this to say:

“So far this project has really brought forward stories which are so inspiring and uplifting at this time.

“RCN have groups approaching us to showcase their positive work and all the work is through local community volunteering.

“People have really stepped up to the plate and in this case for Richmount Rural Community Association they have used equipment from past projects to make scrubs for a number of social care settings and hospitals. Food parcels are being delivered weekly to the elderly and the vulnerable and they are also making sure the needs of the local BAME community are being addressed. It really is a community response to the needs of the whole rural community.

“The achievements of all the groups to date cannot be measured in terms of the impact on each individuals life they have touched and I am sure many people like me are thankful and grateful for the support, determination and effort rural volunteers are making, to ensure people have some quality of life at this very difficult time.”

More stories are coming in each week, so watch this space.


RCN Interview

Charmain was interviewed about the In This Together Project by the BBC. You can listen to the interview on the link below, and Charmain appears 39 minutes in:


Further Information

Find out more about RCN’s In this together Project. If you would like to be involved phone Charmain on 028 8676 6670 or email

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