In This Together Project – RCN | Week 1 Update

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Part of a weekly update series.

The Rural Community Network (RCN) is delivering a special digital project during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The “In This Together Project – Rural Communities, Rural Connections” showcases how relationships have developed during the current pandemic, as well as exploring areas and communities where relations have potentially developed for the better.

Charmain Jones from RCN, who is leading the project, spoke to the Community Relations Council (CRC) about her experience during the first week:

“In terms of what is happening so far, we have had really good interest on social media and through twitter with people checking online in terms of each story as they upload. We have had some positive comments from the general public about the stories and also some emails have been sent to RCN to thank them for showcasing good news in the midst of these strange times and how rural communities need to continue to connect as we continue the lockdown.

“We also have been approached by rural groups who wish to come forward with their stories without being prompted in anyway and that has been so encouraging.”


Rural communities need to continue to connect as we continue the lockdown.


Charmain continued:

“So far we have had rural communities engaging in food parcel delivery; rural communities being good neighbours by singing in the streets and raising spirits; postcards delivered to homes with contact details offering support; women making scrubs and coming together to connect and share and make necessary equipment for those in the County Tyrone area; some are delivering essential packaging to young people and offering mentoring and homework support and others are making meals for the elderly and vulnerable.

“There is a real spread and depth of voluntary work taking place. It really has showcased that rural communities continue to be resilient, supportive to those in their community and also strong and face adversity with courage and spirit of generosity.”



Sarah Haughey, the Community Relations Officer for REACT, based in County Armagh, speaks in the video below about the activities taking place in her locality.

Charmian has this to say about the piece:

“REACT rose to the challenge of engaging communities during both challenging and ever changing circumstances and really have assisted those who participate on all of their programmes by offering a wide range of support, both remotely and also within the community.

“Offering young people a tailored service to meet their needs as well as direct support to those on their Community Relations and Victims and Survivors programme, really assists communities and those living rurally across their borough during this pandemic.

“REACT really have reacted quickly during this time and are commended for their hard work in the community.”


Further Information

Find out more about RCN’s In this together Project. If you would like to be involved phone Charmain on 028 8676 6670 or email