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06 May 2020

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The Rural Community Network (RCN) is delivering a special digital project during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The “In This Together Project – Rural Communities, Rural Connections” will showcase how relationships have developed during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as exploring areas and communities where relations have potentially developed for the better.

“We all know the impact Coronavirus has had on our communities and every single individual and family throughout the country,” said Charmain Jones, RCN. “This project has been developed to try and showcase that even though we are all facing adversity and times that are unprecedented, community practitioners, community workers, volunteers and individuals are continuing to play a positive role through very tough times. This shows true resilience and determination to help others.”

RCN will showcase the best of rural communities and how individual and collective action has helped others. They will employ storytelling as the method for collecting stories at this time.

Charmain said: “Over the next few months, whilst this pandemic continues, we will be posting videos and short stories from individuals working in the community either, paid or voluntary and hear from them first-hand about how we are in this together.”


Sarah Haughey the Community Relations Officer for REACT, based in Co Armagh, tells of the activities taking place in her locality

More videoa like this will be appearing weekly from 20 April 2020, and will be posted on the RCN website.

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