T:BUC Case Study | Intercomm adapting to online delivery during Covid-19

13 May 2020

Eamon Phoenix | NI CRC

Intercomm have adapted to using online communications during the Covid-19 pandemic, with an innovative way to deliver their Shared History Programme. This is now the basis for a T:BUC Case Study from The Executive Office.

Creative Digital Project Overview

The Community Relations Council spoke to Gordie Walker from Intercommm about how they, as an organisation, have adapted to online working and the future delivery of services during the coronavirus pandemic.

T:BUC Case Study: Normal Delivery Method

The Shared History Programme has been delivered by Intercomm and funded by TEO and the Community Relations Council (CRC) through the NBSGRP for a number of years. In previous years, participants have engaged with each other through a number of group workshops, where shared history is used as the common interest to deliver good relations learning and increase understanding.


Adapted Delivery Method

Intercomm was looking at new ways to deliver aspects of the programme under the NBSGRP while in lockdown and ensuring social distancing. They knew it would be very difficult to deliver their programmes considering the very necessary restrictions that have been implemented on movement and interaction.

As a staff team they decided to try video conferencing to maintain programmes and plan future events.

They made contact with Dr Eamon Phoenix to see if he would be available to take people on a virtual walking tour of historic Belfast from the turn of the century, pointing out key locations and key events in our shared history. Eamon agreed and Intercomm discussed how to modify the existing programme to reflect these new arrangements.



Each participant was emailed with a link detailing the start and end time of the online session and information on how to access the event. Eamon covered a non-stop history of the City that was impressive, entertaining, and full of shared learning. The participants then had an opportunity to ask questions related to the talk.


Case Study

Read the T:BUC Case Study for Intercomm.


Further Information

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