T:BUC Camps continue to change attitudes during pandemic

14 July 2021

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During 2020/21, Hospital Road Youth Club in Omagh successfully delivered the T:BUC Camp project, ‘My Effort and Attitude Determine Everything’.

The project was made up of 20 boys and girls aged 11-13years, of all abilities and from a range of different backgrounds. Most of the young people had never taken part in a good relations project before.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and in adherence to social distancing guidelines, the group was required to adapt the project to maintain the safety of both participants and staff.

Staff rose to the challenge to maintain delivery by splitting the group into two bubbles of ten with each bubble having a permanent leader throughout the programme.

Each leader delivered a programme covering issues such as:

  • Breaking down barriers
  • Identity and perception
  • Improve teambuilding and relationships
  • Diversity
  • Values and attitudes
  • Exploring assumptions
  • Prejudice and stereotyping
  • Cultural expressions

This involved mainly interacting visual activities and discussion which were broken up with games relating to the topic from each workshop.

As a result of the ‘My Effort and Attitude Determine Everything’ programme participants:

  • Made new friends
  • Developed a better understanding of religions and cultures
  • Strengthened their communication and leadership skills
  • Gained more self confidence
  • Had a safe space to express their thoughts
  • Enjoyed being part of a team
  • Had a lot of fun

It was scary at the start because I didn’t know anyone, but they were really nice, and it doesn’t matter what religion you are if your nice to me, I will be nice to you.”


The TBUC Camp has been brilliant for my daughter, she suffers from social anxiety and with her autism and ADHD she can be challenging at times and her behaviour had got worst during lockdown. I was nervous about how she would cope but when she came home after each day telling us all the new things she had learnt and the friends she had made, it was a big relief. The leaders and other young people were fantastic with her and so patient with helping her. I would highly recommend TBUC camps to other parents.”

Parent of a participant

Camp Outcomes

Before T:BUC Camps:

  • only 2.5% of participants at Hospital Road Youth Club felt positive/very positive towards people from a different religious background.
  • on completion, 85% of participants now felt positive/very positive towards people from different religious backgrounds.

Following Hospital Road Youth Club’s T:BUC Camps Project:

  • 100% of participants at Hospital Road Youth Club felt more knowledgeable about other cultural traditions and backgrounds
  • 90% of participants felt much more open to making new friends from different religious backgrounds.

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