Practising for Peace dojo

31 July 2018

20th – 23rd September 2018
St Columb’s Park House
Derry/ Londonderry

'How do I strengthen my practice of peace to respond to uncertain and fragile times on this land and in an ever changing world?’

You are invited to a three-day residential dojo to learn, explore and to practise in a beautiful setting with others who are passionate about practicing peace. The dojo will explore our deeper sense of purpose and belonging as we face these interesting and challenging times in the field of peace using the principles of Aikido, the Japanese bokken (wooden practice sword), through Art of Hosting practices, and through playing the Flow Game together.

Dojo starts: Thurs 20th Sept  2018 at 18:00

Dojo ends: Sunday 23rd Sept  at 14:00 after lunch.

For more information on the dojo, and to register:

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