Peaceplayers develop business report and social enterprise plans with QUB students

PeacePlayers Social Enterprise | NICRC

PeacePlayers Northern Ireland had the opportunity to collaborate with six Queen’s University Belfast business management students, who contributed to an outstanding business report. 

The Community Relations Council supports PeacePlayers through its Core Funding Scheme.

Queen’s Business School reached out to PeacePlayers to see if there was a project that any of their students would benefit from working on. PeacePlayers was delighted that the university chose this project. 

The QUB collaboration aided in refining PeacePlayers’ Social Enterprise plans. PeacePlayers NI's proposed Social Enterprise program aims to address the identified need for comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, with the goal of instigating positive transformations in corporate environments. 

Through strategic partnerships with corporations, PeacePlayers NI endeavours to cultivate cultures of inclusivity and equality within institutional workplaces across Northern Ireland. Simultaneously, the development of the Social Enterprise will bolster the organisation's efforts to diversify its funding streams, generating unrestricted funds that will enhance financial sustainability. This ensures that PeacePlayers NI can sustain and scale delivery of high-quality, sport-based programming promoting good relations among children and young people throughout Northern Ireland.

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