Our Shared Community | T:BUC Engagement Forum January 2021

26 February 2021

People at the T:BUC Forum | NICRC

Over 200 enthusiast people attended the fully online T:BUC Engagement Forum – “Our Shared Community” which explored creative ways in which T:BUC is delivered through the theme of shared community.

The event was held on Tuesday 19 January 2021 and was organised by the Community Relations Council (CRC) on behalf of The Executive Office (TEO).


Our Shared Community

Our Shared Community aims to create a community where division does not restrict the life opportunities of individuals and where all areas are open and accessible to everyone.

The T:BUC Engagement Forum is an important opportunity to hear from people and organisations involved in the delivery of the T:BUC (Together: Building a United Community) strategy.

TEO Junior Ministers Declan Kearney and Gordon Lyons were in attendance, and the event was hosted by Dr Mark Browne of The Executive Office



Three presentations were delivered during the T:BUC engagement forum.

Presentation 1

Shared Housing Programme - Department for Communities and Northern Ireland Housing Executive. Overview by Harry Maher.

Clanmil Housing – Perspectives of Shared Housing, presented by Tim O’Malley.

Radius Housing – Developing and Delivering Shared Housing Good Relations Plans, presented by Grainne Mullin.

Rural Housing – Delivering Good Relations during Covid Lockdown, presented by Ruth Montgomery.


Presentation 2

Footprints Women’s Centre presented a case study and video.


Presentation 3

Ministerial Advisory Group on Architecture and Built Heritage – Cupar Way: The Beginning of a Conversation About An Important Place for Local Communities and the City, presented by Andrew Haley and Gerry Millar.


The pursuit of peacebuilding

The T:BUC engagement forum allowed input from a range of speakers demonstrating the creativity of people in the pursuit of peacebuilding, as well as finding new and interesting ways to create a shared community.


T:BUC Engagement Forum Newsletter

Read the January 2021 Engagement Forum newsletter – Our Shared Community.


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