Our Safe Community | T:BUC Engagement Forum May 2021

01 September 2021

People holding hands together | NICRC

The Executive Office and Community Relations Council held an online T:BUC Engagement Forum in May 2021 entitled “Our safe Community.” This was an important opportunity to hear from the people and organisations involved in the delivery of T:BUC and promotion of Our Safe Community.

T:BUC Shared Aim: "To create a community where everyone feels safe in moving around and where life choices are not inhibited by fears around safety."

There was input from a range of speakers from central government, academics, community practitioners and others, demonstrating the creativity of people in the pursuit of peacebuilding, finding new and interesting ways to create a safe community.


Three key presentations were delivered during the T:BUC engagement forum:

  • Department of Justice Interface Programme – Michael McAvoy
  • Belfast Interface Project – Shared Futures Community Planning Toolkit – Paul Smyth and Professor Peter Bloom
  • St. Columb’s Park House – Interface work at Tullyally/Currynerin – Becca Bor

This Engagement Forum provided participants with:

  • The opportunity to learn more about T:BUC and how it is being delivered across NI.
  • An understanding of examples of interventions and good practise being delivering under the T:BUC Our Safe Community at this time.
  • The opportunity to understand the issues and challenges for good relations and diversity work in the delivery of T:BUC.
  • An insight into successful practical actions that have been delivered to strengthen and embrace the impact of T:BUC and Our Safe Community.


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