North Belfast Street Team - Extended Outreach Programme

30 August 2019

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From January to March 2019, Ardoyne Youth Enterprise coordinated a joint extended youth outreach programme between four areas of North Belfast, in partnership with North Belfast Alternatives, Streetbeat Youth Project, New Lodge Youth Centre and Ballysillan Youth for Christ.

Youth workers went out on the streets of New Lodge, Woodvale, Ballysillan and Ardoyne every Friday and Saturday night and on St Patrick's day, ran drop-ins and communicated with each other to help young people stay safe.

The project was a great success but, as a pilot programme supported by Belfast City Council and PCSP, it had to stop before the end of March.

The film explains why coordinated extended outreach is an important addition to existing youth and community services, and makes the case for it to be available throughout the year.

Watch it here: North Belfast Street Team video

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