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In the spirit of fostering unity and celebrating diversity, the Legacy Cup/Multi-Ethnic Sports Festival was developed with the aim of offering an inclusive platform for kids from various backgrounds. This event goes beyond traditional sports tournaments by incorporating tester sessions in basketball, table tennis, badminton, and football for kids, alongside cultural activities including an African traditional drum circle and a cultural dancing workshop. 

The Legacy Cup main aim was to create a harmonious blend of athleticism and cultural appreciation which aligned perfectly with the theme of Good Relations Week 2023 – Together.

Tester Sessions for Kids: A Gateway to Inclusivity

The festival kicked off with taster sessions, providing children aged 5-12 with the opportunity to explore an array of sports. Whether they were shooting hoops, perfecting their serves, or experiencing the excitement of scoring goals, these taster sessions were designed to introduce kids to the joy of physical activity. Embracing diversity, children from various backgrounds came together, breaking down barriers whilst building friendships through shared sporting experiences.

Cultural Activities: Drumming and Dancing for All

In addition to sports, the Legacy Cup placed a spotlight on cultural activities, further enriching the festival experience. An African traditional drum circle invited participants to immerse themselves in the rhythmic beats, fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity. Simultaneously, a cultural dancing workshop provided a platform for the kids to explore and celebrate different dance forms, promoting cultural understanding and unity through movement.

Legacy Cup Football Tournament: Breaking Boundaries, Building Bridges

The heartbeat of the Legacy Cup lay in the football tournament, spanning categories for women, men, boys, and girls across diverse age groups. The tournament transcended the typical boundaries of sports, emphasizing inclusivity and unity. Teams representing various ethnicities and age brackets came together to showcase their skills and passion for football, embodying the idea that the love for the game knows no limits.

Age Categories: Bridging Generational Gaps

Recognizing that sports can bridge generational gaps, the Legacy Cup accommodated participants from different age groups: 12-14, 15-17, 18-39, and over 40s. These diverse age ranges not only fostered intergenerational connections but also reinforces the notion that sports are a lifelong source of joy and camaraderie. Participants of all ages united in the shared pursuit of athletic excellence, reinforcing the festival's overarching theme of togetherness.

Celebrating Good Relations Week 2023 Theme: Together

The Legacy Cup stands as a living testament to the Good Relations Week 2023 theme – Together. Through sports, cultural activities, and intergenerational connections, the festival epitomizes the strength found in unity and diversity. As participants engaged in taster sessions, cultural workshops, and football tournaments, they contributed to building stronger, more connected communities, reinforcing the values of togetherness, and understanding.


The Legacy Cup/ Multi-Ethnic Sports Festival is not just an event; it's a celebration of diversity, unity, and the power of sports to bring people together. By incorporating taster sessions for kids in various sports, cultural activities, and a football tournament across diverse age groups, the festival created a dynamic space where differences are celebrated, and common ground is discovered. As participants and spectators joined in the festivities, the Legacy Cup became a symbol of harmony, breaking down cultural barriers, and fostering lasting connections within the community. Finally, we would like to thank all volunteers, communities, and the Community Relations Council for their continuous support as without this all would not have been achievable. 

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