Measuring The Success Of Good Relations In North Belfast

25 October 2019

Ronnie Black (Ardoyne Community Partnership) and Gavin King (TEO) | CRC NI

TEO’s Good Relations Outcomes Branch met with the Ardoyne Community Partnership to discuss ways of recording the good relations outcomes of the projects the Partnership is delivering on the ground in North Belfast.

The Ardoyne Community Partnership is one of a number of organisations delivering the North Belfast Strategic Good Relations Programme (NBSGRP), a good relations programme funded by TEO and managed by the Community Relations Council.

The objective of the NBSGRP is to improve community relations in the North Belfast area and contribute to the Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) Strategy.

The meeting is one of a number Good Relations Outcomes Branch are holding to collect good relations outcome data from all contract holders and use the information to improve delivery in the NBSGRP and more widely across the sector.

Ronnie Black from Ardoyne Community Partnership said:

“We have been working with TEO and CRC for a number of years on focusing our project delivery oward the achievement of measureable good relations outcomes. I welcome the next step for all contract holders in collecting this data in a consistent and comparable way.

“It is through sharing what we have achieved and learning from the achievements of others that we can improve the way we deliver projects and the good relations outcomes we can achieve.”

Gavin King, Good Relations Outcomes manager in TEO, commented:

It was great to meet Ronnie today. CRC have done an excellent job of managing the NBSGRP and contract holders like Ronnie have delivered projects that have made a real difference to the lives of people in North Belfast. 

“The work we are doing together on collecting consistent outcome data will help to show the difference projects like this are making in the future to deliver the T:BUC Strategy and the united, fair and equal society we all want to see.”

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