Making Art in Communities (MAC) – closing 25 Jan

09 January 2019

Up to £1500 is available for any one organisation in each financial year.

Making Art in Communities Funding Programme (MAC) is to support constituted community groups/organisations based in the Council area to participate in, develop or promote the Arts.

A ‘community–based arts project’ is where a professional artist works with a community to facilitate a creative process that enables participants to express their needs, aspirations, inspirations, identity or sense of place that results in a meaningful impact on their lives.

MAC will provide funding in a range of artistic categories to raise community awareness about issues, including health promotion, environment and sustainability, urban renewal, rural revitalisation, cultural planning, community strengthening, social inclusion and cultural diversity.

Please contact Lynda for further information and advice via

Lynda McCord
Temporary Assistant Community Arts Officer
Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Arts Service
Cultural & Community Services Unit
(Direct Tel: 028 92447503 – Ext 7503 or 028 92447452)

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