The LEAD project: FREE programme for 13 to 17 year olds

05 December 2018

A 6 month contract funded through PEACE 1V in conjunction with Derry and Strabane District
This Programme is to work with 60 young people aged from 13 to 17 representative of all sections of the community from Derry Strabane and Donegal council area.
The Programme is about young people from all sections of the community taking the lead to do a community project that they design themselves.
The 6 months will consist of an accredited O.C.N. programme,
A number of away days, a 2 day residential and team building activities,  2 good relations workshops, visit to Stormont, the peace walls, finishing in a celebration event and pod cast.
Registration: Saturday 15th December in the Acorn Centre (St Peters Church Culmore Rd Derry.
Registration starts at 11.30am
If you are interested in this FREE Programme please contact us on 02871369696
Please note, we have limited places available on this course so please only apply if you are genuinely interested!

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