Launch of The View Magazine on Shared and Integrated Education

31 January 2018

The Community Relations Council (CRC) is pleased to support the latest issue of VIEW magazine focusing on the shared and integrated education debate.

An official launch of the magazine’s latest issue took place at Equality House on Monday, January 29.

Bringing together a range of voices from across Northern Ireland it provides insight and opinion on shared and integrated education, how communities can support shared and integrated education and more. The issue features contributions from public and professional bodies, local political representatives, those currently working in the education system and from people who share their first-hand experiences of education in Northern Ireland.

VIEW is a not-for-profit community media outlet drawing attention to injustice and other social issues that impact communities directly and indirectly across Northern Ireland.

The latest issue, supported by CRC, was described as “the start of another social debate on how we move forward with education” by VIEW Co-Founder, Una Murphy at the magazine’s launch on Monday.

In his contribution to the magazine, current Chair of the Community Relations Council, Peter Osborne said:

“It is systematic change that is needed…true wisdom in Northern Ireland is realising that the systems giving rise to segregated living over many years need to change; true courage is then speaking out for change.”

Contributors include guest editor Alex Kane; Chris Donnolly, Vice-Principal of Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School; Professor Tony Gallagher, Queen’s University Belfast; May Blood; Scott Naismith, Principal at Methodist College, Belfast; Nigel Frith, Head of Drumragh Integrated College; Lisa Dietrich, Director of the CRC-funded Community Relations in Schools (CRIS); Steven Agnew, Green Party Leader and many others.

Hard copies of the latest issue of VIEW magazine are available from local libraries across Northern Ireland.

A digital download of the magazine is also available online here.

Peter Osborne, CRC; Kathryn Johnson, The View; Steven Agnew, The Green Party; Una Murphy and Brian Pelan, The View

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