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12 August 2019

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Interface to Place: Remaking Divisive Lines into Shared Spaces is a conference that opens a week-long Summer School.

The conference brings together international scholars, practitioners and decision-makers to reignite debate on how contemporary cities could foster more communal modes of living. It’s organised by Queen’s University Belfast, the Department of Justice – Interfaces Team, and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

There’ll be discussions about:

  • How to engage with history and heritage to imagine the future
  • How post-conflict and peace processes can be supported by inclusive approaches to planning and urban stewardship
  • How we can ensure that the knowledge produced by academics, practitioners and citizens can be shared to shape the future of our cities.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Jos Boys (UCL)
  • Patricia Lopes Simoes Aelbrecht (Cardiff University)
  • Camila Cocina (UCL)
  • Grainia Long (Belfast City Council Resilience Commissioner) 
  • Ulf Schröder (Gruen Macht Schule, Berlin)
  • Jeroen Beekmans (Pop-Up City) 
  • Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse (Urban Policy)
  • Sophie Plitt (Wild Streets)
  • Boštjan Bugarič (Architectuul)
  • Sabine Mohamed (Heidelberg University)

Conference Details

The conference takes place on the 12 August 2019 at Queen’s University Belfast.

Summer School Details

The week-long Summer School is from 13 August until 16 August 2019. Led by local and international urban scholars and practitioners, participants to the Summer School will have the opportunity to work on concrete plans to transform interface areas in Belfast.

Further Information

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