IFA Football For All 20th anniversary

14 December 2020

Michael Boyd, IFA | NICRC

Michael Boyd of the Irish Football Association – who are core funded by CRC – was interviewed by Sky Sports for the 20th anniversary of their Football For All campaign on tackling sectarianism.


There would be no Football For All without the support of the CRC.”

Michael Boyd


The Irish FA's Football For All campaign focuses on tackling sectarianism at Northern Ireland international games, and for the 20th anniversary Michael Boyd took time to reflect on all that has been achieved.

Before the launch of the Football For All campaign, Michael recalled: “We were struggling to get a sponsor for the kit because the image of NI football was so bad.”

Issues of sectarianism and racism in the Windsor Park stands needed to be addressed and changed for the better.

Now as the IFA celebrates 20 years of the campaign, Windsor Park has a completely different feel.

"It's totally transformed,” Michael said. “Every match is sold out and families are happy to come here.”

The campaign now continues to evolve into other areas of equality and tolerance.

Watch the TV interview here: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12135441/neil-lennon-threat-a-turning-point-for-northern-ireland-campaign

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