A Home For All - Shared Work Space and Exhibition

08 August 2019

A crowd of people with their hands raised | CRC NI

A Home For All is a yearlong programme of work to promote a new shared space that offers positive good relations workshops and classes using the arts, by Greater Shantallow Community Arts (GSCA). They’re providing a space for people to embrace togetherness and positive good relations through the arts.

GSCA has spent the past 19 years building relationships and strong positive connections with local and citywide community groups, businesses, schools and individuals advocating positive good relations through the medium of the arts. The organisation brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of needs on a local grass-roots level.

As part of this, GSCA is running a visual arts exhibition: Arts For All. This unique initiative integrates creativity, recovery and mental health and good relations, allowing participants to experience how the arts can be joyful, celebratory, and energizing.

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