Glenn Barr

25 October 2017

The Community Relations Council was saddened to hear of the death of Glenn Barr.  Glenn was a valued member of the first Board of the Community Relations Council for six years from its opening until January 1996.  In the intervening years Glenn remained in contact with CRC as he took forward a wide range of peace building initiatives including  The International School of Peace Studies which dedicated itself to engaging all sections of society to promote the values of tolerance, mutual understanding and peace-building. The work of the International School of Peace Studies remains a fitting tribute to Glenn’s commitment to peace building and addressing the legacy of our shared past.  Glenn was a clear and unambiguous example of someone who had made the journey from conflict to peace.  He campaigned tirelessly against the futility of violence and the importance of remembering respectfully and inclusively those who died as a result of conflict. Reflecting on Glenn’s legacy the current Chair of the Community Relations Council, Peter Osborne said:

“I know in recent decades Glenn was an inspiration to many in the north-west, the region and beyond these islands.  He is a sad loss for those involved in building bridges across the divide in our community.  His achievements working at Messines amongst other places; looking back to learn from the past in order to build a better future; will be a legacy that will continue to inspire and change hearts”

The Community Relations Council would like to extend its sympathy to Glenn’s family, friends and colleagues. 

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