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04 June 2020

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The Londonderry Bands Forum (LBF) has tailored their approach to deliver Good Relations work during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have skilfully shifted to utilising online platforms, such as Zoom, and bringing forward innovative new initiatives using Social Media.

LBF is Core Funded by the NI Community Relations Council (NICRC).

They have developed several projects to meet the aims and objectives of NICRC Core Funding.


Fit to March

LBF launched their #FitToMarch campaign on social media. The goal was to encourage band members to sign up for an exercise-at-home programme. Steps submitted each week would be collated and published.

The original goal was to reach a target of 1 million steps collectively. However, uptake was so great that the goal was changed to 50 million.

Participants were from 33 bands across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Participants were encouraged to send in selfies and pictures of the local scenery using the social media hashtag #FitToMarch.


NHS and Frontline Workers Tribute: You’ll Never Walk Alone

This “social distance” band project used the popular Liverpool FC anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone, which has become synonymous with the NHS and Frontline Workers during the Covid 19 crisis.

A request for participants was posted on the LBF Facebook page. Music and a sound file to play along with in order to have the correct tempo were forwarded to participants.

In total, 52 videos were sent in from Londonderry, across Northern Ireland, and one from Scotland.

Individual videos were edited together as a collective, and posted on Facebook.

The finished video reached 30,000 people within 12 hours, and as of 18/05/2020 has reached 63,292.

The story was picked up by BBC Newsline for a piece on their 6.30pm bulletin, which also involved LBF coordinator Stephen Porter and his sisters Julie and Jessica playing part of the piece, as well as interviews with Andrew Lynch, LBF Education and Outreach Worker, and Robert McGonigle from the Hamilton Flute Band.


Online Schools Programme

LBF has been offering online learning and lessons using Zoom. Their Educational Outreach Officer is working with pupils on a weekly basis, many of which were part of their School’s Music Programme. Pupils have been working in one-to-one flute lessons and group music theory lessons.

They are also developing lesson booklets, as well as accompanying videos which will be uploaded to their social media channels.


Further Information

The Londonderry Bands Forum is core funded by the Community Relations Council. Read more about our Core Funding Scheme.

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