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20 August 2019

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“I was suffering from domestic violence when I first went to the Falls Women’s Centre,” Angie said. “That was back in 1987. The Centre helped me then, and really what they gave me, most of all, was courage and confidence. A sense of community.”

Angie has been involved with the Falls Women’s Centre ever since.

Throughout this year, the Falls Women’s Centre is hosting events enabling women to come together to discuss current issues they face, as well as the role they play in a shared and equal society.

Core funding from the Community Relations Council (CRC)  ensures this valuable community service continues.

CRC supports the role of a Good Relations Training Development Coordinator to oversee and implement a Good Relations training and education programme.

It is at one such event that Angie, as well as numerous members of the Falls Women’s Centre, and various other participants from the wider community are present.

The event, entitled “Human Rights – Women’s Rights!” gives people a platform to learn and share.

Angie, for example, currently uses her experience and skills to counsel, mentor and support at the Falls Women’s Centre, and is an active participant in this particular event.

I got help when I needed it and because of that I’m here today to be able to help others.” Angie

Building A United Community

Angie’s story is one like many of those others present at this event – people who have come together to build a united community of support for people.

None of which would be possible without a support and funding network.

“Back then, things were a lot different,” Angie noted.

But with the support of the Falls Women’s Centre, Angie has transformed her life, gaining the confidence to return to education and achieve a qualification in counselling.

The Community Relations Council (CRC) has funded the Falls Women’s Centre to develop a year of programmes such as Dealing with the Past, Women in Political Life, diversity and leadership, and community development. Today’s event is where Angie and many others have come to learn and continue to develop relationships with people from a range of community backgrounds.

Guest speakers at the event had a wealth of experience: Kellie Turtle (Women’s Resource and Development Agency); Dympna McKeown (Women’s Aid); Emma Campbell (Alliance For Choice); and Cara McCann (Here NI).

An Opportunity For People To Have Their Say

The event was organised by Nancy Graham – Good Relations Training and Education Worker for the Falls Women’s Centre, who said:

Without CRC funding we wouldn’t be able to deliver key events and services. Specifically our ‘Women in Peace Building’ project which has, over that past 2-3 years, worked to develop community, to bring together and inspire.”

Nancy feels it is imortant that people have the opportunity to be heard.

“The event today,” she continued, “is an opportunity for people to have their say. But it’s not just an event – it’s an ongoing conversation. It’s about continuing the dialogue across the wider community.”

Angie added: "Everybody learns from each other. It’s an amazing place with so much for so many people. I’d recommend anybody with time on their hands to look the Falls Women’s Centre up – if the centre hasn’t got what you need, they’ll help you find it.”

CRC Core Funded Group

The Falls Women's centre is one of our core funded groups. Read more about how CRC funding helps support the Fall's Women's Centre

You can also find more information about the Falls Women’s Centre's on their facebook page:

Further Information

Read more about the organisations represented by the guest speakers at the Human Rights Women’s Rights event:

Kellie Turtle - Women’s Resource and Development Agency

Dympna McKeown - Women’s Aid

Emma Campbell - Alliance For Choice

Cara McCann - Here NI

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