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29 August 2019

Members of Different Drums of Ireland | CRC NI

Different Drums of Ireland are on the Playhouse stage this month, and also running workshops for schools and community groups.

Funded by the Community Relations Council for Good Relations Week 2019 – a week of events full of people playing an active part in creating and sustaining good relationships across the community.

Different Drums will be performing their first show since their US tour in 2014. They use Lambeg and Bodhran drums, paired with Uileann pipes and whistles, guitar, world percussion and more. Jigs, reels, marches and original songs all come together in a unique mix of tradition and innovation.

Started in 1991 as a community relations project, Different Drums went on to international acclaim, playing for Presidents and Royalty while still keeping Northern Ireland at its heart.

The group were initially inspired by the Kodo drummers of Japan and have created an entirely new programme which has its roots in the Northern Irish tradition. Their music also draws from Irish, Scots-Irish, African and African traditions.


School Workshops

A major part of Different Drums work was to stage hundreds of information sessions and hands-on workshops in schools and community centres all over NI or the Diversity 21 programme of DCAL.

As part of their work for Community Relations Week 2019, Different Drums are holding workshops with community and school groups in the lead up to their performance.

Claire Heaney McKee, Community Relations Officer at The playhouse, said:

“Introducing a new generation to the indigenous drums of Ireland, the Lambeg, the Bodhran and a new drum of their own design, the Long Drum. The workshops also feature the pipes of Ulster, the Uilleann or elbow pipes, the Scottish small pipes and the Highland bagpipes. All this along with whistles, guitar, other small percussion instruments and original and traditional songs come together to make a unique and exciting sound the like of which has never been heard before.”


Event Date

Different Drums of Ireland will perform at The Playhouse on Saturday 21 September 2019.

Tickets available at (028) 7126 8027 or www.derryplayhouse.co.uk


More Information

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