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23 October 2020

TBUC Engagement Forum | NICRC

Over 200 people attended the first fully online T:BUC Engagement Forum – “Delivering T:BUC during the pandemic,” which explored creative ways to continue delivery of key projects and learn from best practice examples.

The event on Tuesday 14 September 2020 formed part of Good Relations Week 2020 (#GRW2020), and was organised by NI Community Relations Council (CRC) on behalf of The Executive Office (TEO).

An important opportunity

The T:BUC Engagement Forum is an important opportunity to hear from people and organisations involved in the delivery of T:BUC (Together: Building a United Community) during these unprecedented times.

Case studies and talks were delivered by three inspirational speakers:

  • Alfie Wong, NICS Diversity Champion for Race and Ethnicity
  • Rumena Kostadinova-McCabe, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
  • Liza Wilkinson, TIDES Training (who are core funded by CRC)

The creativity and tenacity of the speakers demonstrated a pursuit of peacebuilding, as well as seeking new ways to deliver good relations work.

Following the presentations, attendees were allocated a discussion group were notes were collected for feedback to TEO.

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