Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers

06 July 2017

Funded by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers explores the evolution of policing in Ulster from the establishment of the County Constabulary in 1822, through Home Rule, Partition and ‘the Troubles’ to the formation of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. This website provides an online museum exhibition which uses artefacts to reveal the complex history of 190 years of policing in the North of Ireland. Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers features links to trustworthy articles that facilitate further exploration of the topics and learning resources that promote the investigation of the history of policing from different perspectives.

Objects Bicycles, Barracks & Bandoliers features 68 objects sourced from the Police Museum Northern Ireland, the Linenhall Library, the Public Records Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) and the Irish Republican History Museum. Each artefact represents a particular event or aspect of the evolution of policing in the north of Ireland.

Topics Each object is classified by subject or time-based category including weapons & armour, women, visual communication and Home Rule to Partition. Individual topic pages include objects that relate to a particular time period or area of interest.

Suggested Activities The website includes six activity sets which explore different aspects and perspectives of policing.  The activities are for a general audience and also reflect aspects of the KS3 History, Citizenship, English and Art & Design curricula.

About The About page provides a detailed contextual timeline of policing in Ireland.

Links The Links page contains an extensive list of trustworthy web resources that provides context and facilitates exploration of different aspects of policing history.  





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