ArtsEkta deliver ‘Wisdom and Words around the World’ Good Relations Project

13 May 2022

ArtsEkta | NICRC

Multi award-winning cultural organisation, ArtsEkta, recently completed the successful delivery of their Good Relations project Wisdom and Words around the World.

The project, which was awarded £10,586 from The Executive Office’s Central Good Relations Fund, supported intercultural understanding and celebrated a diversity of cultures through an engaging storytelling project. The aim of the project was to break down barriers between communities through an exchange of traditional tales and stories from various global cultures.

Around 40 people from a wide range of backgrounds, including Syria, Turkey, Eritrea, Poland, Sudan and India as well as Northern Ireland, took part in the project.

Participants’ stories were woven together into a series which was accompanied by its own bespoke music and song to create a final piece, The Displaced Heart. A series of poems was also created.

Two events were held in March 2022 to mark the successful delivery of the project and showcase the artistic results to participants’ families and friends – with near 300 people attending.


Here’s what participants had to say about their involvement with the project:

Thank you for the opportunity to come the classes and share my stories with these women. I have made friends now and will be continuing to be involved in the projects with ArtsEkta.”

My experience was very good. I liked working on the project and picking the story and painting to make from the Irish culture. Someone also painted the story from my culture and I was proud to see it.”

I can’t believe we have our own food at this event! You have Ash!!! Like home!”

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