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29 August 2019

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Advice NI is supporting EU citizens and their families to apply for pre-settled and settled status.

Under the Government’s EU Settlement Scheme, EU, EEA, Swiss citizens and their families must make an online application by 30th June 2021 if Brexit goes ahead and by December 2020 in a no deal scenario.

Settled status allows an individual to:

  • continue to work, live and study in the UK for as long as they like after Brexit
  • access public services i.e. healthcare, education
  • access  public funds i.e. pensions
  • obtain British citizenship if they meet the requirements.

Advice NI, with the support of local advice agencies and the Migrant Centre NI, are providing practical support to vulnerable or at risk EU citizens assisting them with proof of identity, eligibility, suitability and completing applications. They have set up a free regional, multi-lingual service to help people, including a Freephone helpline, access to face to face advisers and information and awareness sessions which are scheduled throughout the country. 

It is important people check if they are required to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme and they get the support they need to make the application which is now free.

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