3rd Soma Sheehy Skeffington Seminar

20 June 2019

8 July, 2019. 10.30- 3.30
Down Arts Centre

Cost including Lunch £20.

Hope In The Dark

Finding Grounded Optimism in Uncertain Times.

At a time when environmental, political and social gloom can seem overpowering, this seminar offers an opportunity to explore the challenges in which we are living and at the same time to restore our faith in people s capacity to be creative, generous and kind; the day will create the conditions for these capacities to blossom through conversations and creative workshops.

The seminar is for anyone  who wishes to engage with questions of leadership and creative responses to the challenges and opportunities that are part of our personal and professional lives, at a local and global level. It is our intention that the seminar deepens presence, restores hope and inspires action.

To Register- Down Arts Centre website.

For more information, email sheehyskeffingtonss@gmail.com.

Key speaker -Tony Macaulay

Tony Macaulay is a bestselling author, leadership consultant, peace builder, broadcaster and suicide prevention advocate from Northern Ireland.He has spent the past 30 years working to build peace and reconciliation at home and abroad. Tony s integration of a an arts based approach to peacebuilding, leadership work in Ireland and in Africa, his own current interest and work in building grounded optimism and resilience, often when hope has given way to apathy or despair make him uniquely relevant as key speaker.


1.Finding Voice. This voice workshop is facilitated by Ali Warner.  Ali is a graphic facilitator, vocalist, leadership developer & host. She brings together her strengths in arts practice and hosting to convene gatherings that have energy and aliveness, and make a difference to the groups and communities involved.

2.Exploring Authentic Action. This drama workshop is facilitated by Janine Walker. Janine is currently the arts officer in Down Arts Centre; she is an actor, dramatist and drama facilitator.  Janine is passionate about an arts approach to personal and social change.

3.Uncovering and Discovering Hope. This arts workshop is facilitated by Carole Kane. Carole’s work covers different approaches which intertwine around the expressive arts, creativity and  healing  Her work is seen and recognised at both local and international levels.

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