1st Annual Sheehy Skeffington Conversation

06 July 2017


1st Annual Sheehy Skeffington Conversation.

Conversations on the Arts, Creativity and Healing

Down County Museum

 14th July, 2017. 10.30- 3.30

 Are you interested in the interconnections of the Arts, Creativity Healing?

If so, this conversation will provide you with a meaningful and enjoyable experience

10.30 Registration – Connecting, Tea and Coffee

11.00. Dr. Damian Smyth (Arts Council) Key note address.

12.00. Linda McKenna (Down Museum)

Museum and Memory in Post Conflict Society- Personal Reflections

12.30-1.15 LUNCH

1.15 Creative Workshops.

Delivered by two facilitators who have researched and written on very different parts of our history, uncovering new perspectives.

Is there a new story emerging? What does this mean? In what ways might it be healing, personally and societally? How do I use my creativity ?  These workshops will offer an opportunity to explore these questions experientially.

Workshop 1.

Kate Fitzpatrick, author of Macha's Twins, A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess.

Workshop 2.

Allison Murphy, author of Winnie and George, An Unlikely Union.

2.30. Mary Lynch, Director of Mediation Northern Ireland.

Reflections on 25 years of reconciliation work- Arts, Creativity and Healing.

3.00. Closing remarks.

To reserve place email Mary at sheehyskeffingtonss@gmail.com

Cost including lunch  £10

Thursday 13th July, 6.00-8.00 pm

Bilbo s  Bistro, Castlewellan.

Book Launch.

Macha's Twins,  A Spiritual Journey with The Celtic Horse Goddess .

Kate Fitzpatrick.

Macha’s Twins, tells the story of Macha the Horse Goddess who cursed the men of Ulster for nine generations. The book is a living myth of the contemporary feminine spirit and a healing story for Ireland This is the story of the author’s journey with contemporary women to find the healed feminine in the land and soul of Ireland and bring that light back into the province of Ulster. Kate Fitzpatrick has worked with the spirituality and transformative power of Celtic myth for over twenty-five years.

Saturday 19th July, 3.00-4.30 p.m

Kings Inn, Castlewellan

Book Launch

Winnie and George; An Unlikely Union.

Allison Murphy.

A story of how two diametrically-opposed people got together, primarily through their shared passion for the rights of the working class. George, like many men of that era, was disillusioned by what he had witnessed on the Western Front. Winnie, embracing socialist ideology, had trod a very different path as a significant part of James Connolly's network, which had formed the 1916 insurgency.

Author Allison Murphy, painstakingly put together Winnie and George's story. She carried out meticulous research from material obtained via various records. She has used this wealth of information to create this story, throwing light and understanding about part of our troubled past.

Saturday, 15th July,

Urban Café , Castlewellan

Language Café- The Language of Nonviolence.

Come along to Urban café and have an opportunity to engage in the concept, theory and practice of the Language of Nonviolence with other curious linguists. You will be welcomed and hosted by a few NVC practitioners.


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