150 Young People At Workshops With Different Drums Of Ireland

04 October 2019

Musicians playing together with school children | CRC NI

Different Drums of Ireland featured in a series of workshops for schools and community groups as part of Good Relations Week – a collection of events organised by the Community Relations Council.

The group started in 1991 as a community relations project. They have since went on to international acclaim, playing for Presidents and Royalty while still keeping Northern Ireland at its heart.

They use Lambeg and Bodhran drums, paired with Uileann pipes and whistles, guitar, world percussion and more. Jigs, reels, marches and original songs all come together in a unique mix of tradition and innovation.

And it was this fusion of skill and expertise that was on show when they led workshops for schools and community groups.

The Playhouse hosted a week of drumming workshops with Different Drums of Ireland and young people from Lilliput Theatre Company, The Playtrail, Include Youth, Pennyburn Primary School, and Oakgrove College.

Over 150 young people took part in the workshops for Good Relations Week.

Anne Ramsey, a support worker from Lilliput Theatre Company, said that young people at the session:

Thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the workshop and had a great rapport with the members of Different Drums, who shared their knowledge and skills with great energy and enthusiasm.”

Pupils from Pennyburn Primary School, who also took part in workshops about good relations, used their five senses to describe what Peace is. Their answers included:

  • Peace sounds like snow falling from the sky
  • Peace feels like a soft warm bed on a winter’s night
  • Peace looks like a flower blowing in the wind
  • Peace tastes like the freshest orange straight off the tree
  • Peace smells like homemade lasagne

The event was funded by Derry City and Strabane District Council, and the Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland.


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