Media Scheme Criteria

The Media Grant Scheme will support media projects whose objectives will:

Encourage the engagement of civil society to:

1. Underpin the peace process and promote change in terms of:

  • Addressing the issues of cultural identity, flags, emblems and parades and protests;
  • Encouraging respectful cultural expression;
  • Developing greater understanding around issues of shared space, shared housing and shared education, and enhancing community safety;
  • Tackling alienation;
  • Disengaging Paramilitarism in society; or
  • Sustaining survivors.


2. Support the development of

  • A more diverse society by giving voice to people of ethnic minority and minority faith backgrounds, young people and women, and addressing  hate crime (primarily sectarianism and racism). 

The total fund available from which a number of awards may be made under the Media Grant Scheme is in the region of £51,500.  We anticipate making individual awards between £5,000 and £10,000 and in exceptional circumstances up to, but not in excess of £20,000. 

Decisions will be made on the basis of the information provided on the Media Grant Application Form, the quality and the media sample provided.