Together: Building a United Community Engagement Forum

Event date(s): 14 June 2022

T:BUC Engagement Forum | NICRC

Community Relations Council on behalf of The Executive Office would like to invite you to the next Together: Building a United Community Engagement Forum - "Exploring the many ways in which the Community Sector engages with Business to enable T:BUC to be delivered."

The online event takes place on Tuesday 14 June 2022 at 10.30AM



This is an important opportunity to hear from the people and organisations in the local community and how they are involved in the delivery of T:BUC and promotion of good relations utilising the support and benefits from the business sector.

We are fortunate to have a wide range of speakers from the Community sector who engage with the business sector in the delivery of their work, or utilise business practises to enhance their own good relations work.

The event will provide opportunities for discussion and questions with each other and to a panel.

This Engagement Forum will provide participants with:

  • The opportunity to learn more about T:BUC and how it is being delivered across NI.
  • An understanding of examples of interventions and good practise being delivering by the business community demonstrating the positive impact they have on society and some of our most challenging community issues.
  • The opportunity to understand the issues and challenges for good relations and diversity work in the delivery of T:BUC.
  • An insight into successful practical actions that have been delivered to strengthen and embrace the impact of T:BUC in our community.


Attend the event

If you wish to attend the T:BUC Engagement forum, please book your place now

Should you have any queries about the event please contact Paul Killen at the Community Relations Council or telephone:  028 9022 7500 / 078 0236 1781