Talking Balls - community engagement programme about football with Packie Bonner

Event date(s): 07 June 2021 to 10 June 2021

Boys playing football | NICRC

Packie Bonner will appear among speakers for a community engagement programme exploring the history of football in Ireland.

Talking Balls is a unique online programme featuring input from leading historians and former players for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, including Packie Bonner and Peter Kennedy.

1921 was a seismic year in political history. It is also the year that a split from the Irish Football Association would shape the future of football on the island.

How will the programme work?

  1. Cormac Moore, author of The Irish Soccer Split will lead a discussion on the causes for the split and how it impacted the lives and careers of players.
  2. Historian Ryan Mallon will detail the incredible story of Belfast player Jimmy Hasty who had a prestigious career on both sides of the border, despite losing an arm in a work accident.
  3. Broadcaster, Journalist and former Northern Ireland footballer Nicola McCarthy will give an overview of the women's game and how the English ban of women's football in 1921 impacted locally.
  4. Take part in a unique panel discussion featuring Packie Bonner, Alan Kernaghan, Peter Kennedy, Nicola McCarthy and historian Graham Walker as they offer personal insights into their lives in football.

The programme will be delivered online at 7—9 PM from Monday 7 June to Thursday 10 June 2021

This programme is FREE and open to anyone based in or from Northern Ireland or the border counties.

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