Reflections on 1969 – Lived Experiences and Living History

Event date(s): 21 September 2019 to 07 December 2019

A large white modern library | CRC NI

The programme “Reflections on 1969 - Lived Experiences and Living History” will create opportunities for individuals from a range of backgrounds and political viewpoints to engage in reflective discourse and discussions with each other on events in question.

The aim is not to deliver yet another version of received wisdom but is rather the long overdue recognition and recording of “people’s history” based on the testimonies of individuals for whom these events and the historical timeframe were a lived experience.

The discussions are an opportunity for people to engage critically and constructively with each other in assisting the long overdue and necessary process of separating actual history from the many myths that have proliferated in communities over many years.

It is important that current and future generations should hear, and have access to, the testimonies and the reflections of former protagonists while these opportunities exist.

Access to such evidence can help enable younger generations to evaluate for themselves the factuality of histories as opposed to the many myths and folklores that are received as history in out contemporary society.

Programme Time

All programes run from 11.30am - 3pm.


ICTU Premises, 45 Donegall Street, Belfast


21 September “Bringing down the barricades – How and Why”

12 October “The Battle of the Shankill”


Linen Hall Library, Belfast


22 October “The first peace Dividends?”

2 November “Loyalism/Unionism under threat?”

7 December “The Irish Diaspora in Britain and America – Benign or malign forces?”