Little Stranger – Workshop Focused on Child Migrant Experience

Event date(s): 15 February 2020 to 17 February 2020

A child dancing | NI CRC

"Little Stranger" – supported by CRC’s Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Small Grant Scheme – is a 3-day dance theatre workshop in Dungannon, focused on a child migrant’s experience.

It's co-produced by Powerstone Entertainment, Tinderbox, and DU Dance.  

About the Production

The worldwide issue of migration, as experienced by a small child, is the subject of a new dance theatre performance piece – Little Stranger.

Three highly experienced Northern Ireland creatives – writer Jane Coyle (Powerstone), director Patrick J O’Reilly (Tinderbox) and choreographer Sheena Kelly (DU Dance) – will host the extended workshop at Ranfurly House Arts Centre. 


About the Workshop

The workshops will host young members of Sutemos and Suteminis dance groups. DU Dance set up the first group in the County Tyrone town in 2011. From the onset, its artistic ethos was based around intercultural dance. Their participants have come to Northern Ireland from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. Many did not speak English but their involvement in dance has been instrumental in transforming their lives and improving their social interaction and self-confidence.

There will be a public showcase on the afternoon of Monday 17 February, which anyone can attend.


Date and Venue

15 – 17 February 2020

Ranfurly House Arts Centre, Dungannon.


Original Concept

The original concept for Little Stranger emerged from a chance encounter on a Paris street.

I was in Paris on one of the coldest nights of last winter,” said Jane Coyle. “In a street near the Arc de Triomphe I saw, huddled together on the pavement, a refugee family – father, mother and two children. I stopped to speak with them for a few minutes.

As I said my goodbyes, the little girl put out her hand, with a smile that could have lit up the city.  I can still feel her small, warm hand, dry with dirt from the street.  I think of her often.

This piece has been conceived for her and for children like her, who desperately need the support and understanding of privileged countries like ours.”

The Community Relations Council has provided funding support for the production.

The Community Relations Council is funding the Little Stranger project through our Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Small Grant Scheme”

The investment is intended to increase understanding of cultural backgrounds, and support migrants and refugees in integrating into communities across Northern Ireland.”

Paul Jordan, CRC director of funding and development


Further Information

Little Stranger is supported by CRC’s Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Small Grant Scheme. Read more about CR/CD Funding Scheme.

Learn more about Little Stranger and Powerstone Films