Introduction to Mediation – a tool for resolving conflict workshop

Event date(s): 28 January 2020

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Mediation is fast becoming a widely used method of resolving disputes in the workplace, family, schools, between neighbours and in the commercial business world due to its benefits of being a time saving, informal, confidential, voluntary and inexpensive way of dealing with conflict.

This Introduction to Mediation – a tool for resolving conflict workshop will be delivered by two leading mediators, Michael Doherty and Tony Kearney who between them have over thirty years practice working in all forms of disputes, will give you an understanding of how mediation works in practice and will demonstrate that mediation is a viable and efficient alternative to court proceedings. 

At the end of the workshop participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the role of the Mediator
  • Understand different models of mediation in practice
  • Understand the principles of Mediation and how to apply them in a practical way

Benefits of Mediation

  • Reduces the need for formal processes
  • More productive use of time
  • Allows managers to handle low-level conflict themselves
  • Saves time and is cost effective
  • Improves working and ongoing relationships
  • Offers a constructive approach to conflict and looks for win/win solutions
  • Is confidential
  • Is voluntary and non-binding i.e. there is no obligation to reach an agreement


About Michael Doherty

Michael is the tutor. He was trained as a Mediator at Fordham Law School in New York and at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents College, London.

Since 1996 he has become recognized as one of the lead Mediator/Trainers in the field of Conflict Resolution/Transformation and has successfully mediated family, neighbour, work-place disputes as well as some of the major parades disputes in Northern Ireland. 

Michael has designed Open College Network Accredited Programmes on Exploring Diversity - Facilitating Community Relation’s Work; a Train the Trainer programme and a Facilitation Skills Programme.   In 2015 he developed three Open College Network accredited Mediation Training programmes i.e. Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills; Intermediate Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills and Advanced Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills courses.

Who Should Attend

Solicitors, Social Workers, Good Relations Project Officers, Police Officers, Teachers, Youth and Community Workers and anyone involved in or working with people in conflict or simply wanting to learn about Mediation.


Date and Venue

28 January 2020

Holywell Trust Building 10 -14 Bishop Street, Derry/Londonderry

9.30am – 1pm

This is a free workshop.


Attend the Event

To register for Introduction to Mediation, contact Michael Doherty by email or phone: 028 7136 5636.