Historical Belfast Podcast | New episodes released

Event date(s): 04 November 2020

Historical Belfast Podcast | NICRC

The Historical Belfast Podcast has now released five episodes with over 1,500 downloads. Historical Belfast is hosted by historian Jason Burke, and provides an accessible and entertaining insight into the Old Smoke’s fascinating past.


Episodes to date

Episode 1

From burning effigies of Adolf Hitler, to all-night parties on the Shankill Road, the people of Belfast marked the occasion in style. This episode is intended to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Episode 2

Jason Burke takes a look back at the lesser-known engineering strike of 1919 which brought the city to a standstill for a period of four weeks in an attempt to secure a shorter working week.


Episode 3

Jason Burke talks to Dr Jonathan Evershed who has spent several years researching how the Battle of the Somme is commemorated in Northern Ireland.


Episode 4

Episode 4 is on the forgotten poet and Irish rebel Joseph Campbell who penned the words to the traditional airs My Lagan Love and The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby. Not only that, Campbell was a founding member of the Ulster Literary Theatre (c.1904) and the Irish Volunteers (1913), he took part in the Easter Rising (1916), became a Sinn Fein Councillor in 1921, and was interned by pro-treaty forces during the Irish Civil War in 1922/23.


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