Core funded Work

The Core Scheme provides support for organisations which are considered of strategic importance in promoting community relations work across Northern Ireland. The scheme contributes towards salary and organisational running costs.

CRC Core funds a range of groups click here to view the full list Turas  

Featured group Springboard Opportunities Ltd

Established in 1992, Springboard is committed ‘within a spirit of partnership, to building the capacity of disadvantaged people and their communities and contributing to a society that is at ease with itself and its diversity’. The core funding award will support Springboard in continuing to build a united community that challenges sectarianism, racism and prejudice so building better community/good relations; to support capacity building by providing participants’ opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and the personal and social skills necessary for them to relate effectively with others, and participate fully in the life of their own community and beyond; to promote active citizenship and community participation by encouraging participants to contribute to community cohesion. The award will enable the organisation to continue developing and delivering innovative cross-community programme interventions. We will be able to support distinct groups of disadvantaged people from diverse communities across N Ireland. Our programmes will support individuals to realise their potential, build capacity to form positive and effective relationships with others of a different background and develop increased respect for diversity. Ultimately programmes will support transformation towards more active contributors in building a shared, united and more cohesive society. Activities will engage 300+ individuals and involve a range of proven programme models and approaches.

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