Core funded Work


CRIS offers a number of servies for school communities and the wider education and community sectors. These include: 

  • Ethos and values development
  • Whole school collaboration and planning
  • Inter-school, cross-sectoral school leader relationship building
  • Whole staff training on community relations and community development
  • Policy and curriculum development
  • Family engagement and community relations programmes and residentials
  • OCN acredited programmes for younp people, school staff, parents/carers and practitioners
  • Foundation to Key Stage 5 capacity building PD+MU, LLW and Citizenship programmes 
  • Anti hate programmes

Community Dialogue

Our peace building experience led us to utilise dialogue as the most effective mechanism.

  • Facilitate dialogues within and between diverse groups on issues of conflict.
  • Train people in dialogue and dialogue facilitation.
  • Produce learning materials to encourage peace building attitudes and behaviours. 

Dialogue is:

  • A different, more effective way of talking about contentious issues.
  • An unfolding process of transforming and deepening understanding.

It deepens understanding of conflict, producing shared understanding between people in divided societies by shifting focus from stated positions we argue over to needs underlying them. Dialogue involves active listening, trying to understand where others are coming from.
In our dialogues we ask people to:

  • Question their positions and look at the needs underlying them.
  • Question the positions of others and look at the needs underlying them.
  • Explore how to meet those sometimes shared and sometimes conflicting needs.

We also ask:

  • What do you want?
  • What do you need?
  • What could you live with?

The impact of moving from argument over position to understanding shared need is profound and transformative. It changes people forever. They understand the need to see conflict from other perspectives; they see that shared needs underlie conflict. They have the power to respond to conflict in a creative win win rather than destructive zero sum way.